The Need For A Black Hair Loss Guide

The Need for A Black Hair Loss Guide

The book provides an insider’s  look at the medical side of hair loss, scalp diseases, and damage that thousands of individuals, especially African American females are experiencing as a consequence of the rising popularity of wearing hair weaves and extensions.

Currently tens of thousands of ladies are wearing this type of hair style to get the look that they feel makes them look their best, but sometimes at the very high cost of developing permanent baldness.  Many individuals who chose this type of hair style approach do so to cover pre-existing areas of baldness without any prior medical diagnosis or treatment.  In this situation, the baldness oftentimes progresses from a smaller spot to large patches of hair loss covering up to 50% or more of the scalp.  A recent news story about hair loss involving Naomi Campbell illustrates how even super models are at risk for this condition

One of the purposes of the book will be to provide a sorely needed medical reference to the many silent sufferers and individuals with the understanding of what types of conditions cause hair loss including hair weaves, how to get medical help to diagnose and treat hair loss conditions, and how to avoid being the victim of ignoring the problem and hoping it will just go away.  It is hoped that the book can create a connection and information exchange between hair care professionals, the medical community, and the public so that preventable baldness can be eliminated.

A review of the experiences and difficulties related to specific scalp problems and how a dermatologist diagnoses and treats these conditions is presented.

Outside of information provided by a variety of hair stylists and hair care experts, there has been a real lack of solid medical information about the issues and problems African American men and women face regarding their hair, health, and scalp disorders.  One of my goals is to help contribute to the solution for this problem by providing readily available resources that provide the necessary information.

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